Multiple Sclerosis

“I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago.

I started doing the tests and taking the medications that the doctors proscribed, but stopped as I didn’t find them to be effective or efficient. I have just coped with the symptoms as they got worse.

A friend of mine suggested that I let her do the Aroma Touch Technique (ATT) on me, just to see if it could help with the pain. The difference I felt since has been amazing!

After the first session, I came out feeling like a fairy. I could move again!

I have had 4 sessions, two days apart.


Before ATT After 4 sessions of ATT
Can’t stand for more than 20 minutes Can stand for 3 to 4 hours
Extreme vertigo/dizziness; needed a cane for balance None.
Haven’t listened to the radio or sung for 2 years as it reverberates too much in my head All fine now.
Very bad aches in joints. Pain in arms severe enough to be thought possible carpal tunnel syndrome Greatly reduced.
Compromised thought processes – inability to follow spoken conversation; loss of vocabulary Much better
Shoulder dislocated twice a week on average Hasn’t since starting ATT
Old and new scars from burns (caused by hot water bottles) Greatly reduced with some healed and gone completely

I thoroughly recommend that you try the ATT!”

Lisa, Perth WA,
December 2012

Back Pain

‘I have been plagued with severe nerve pain ever since my spinal surgery 4 1/2 years ago and have been on var…ious forms of pain medication ever since, these medications may reduced my pain but leave me exposed to other serious side effects. 

Not long ago I came across some awesome certified therapeutic Grade Essential oils, the best of the best, which have some impressive clinical studies to prove their worth.

So 4 days ago I decided to start a “Case Study” using myself, what better person to use, as I am very damaged from the trauma body suffered from a slipped disk and compacted S1 nerve centre for almost 7 days and it almost paralysed me.

So what is life changing……..

4 days ago I started an oil regime on my back to hopefully reduce pain but what I am now experiencing is more than I could have ever dreamed of. This morning I woke and as I started to get out of bed I realised how free my back felt, it was not stiff. My pain was also very minimal, AMAZING….

Normally in the morning, I struggle out of bed, get the painkillers and then sit on the heated blanket waiting for the pain to ease enough for me to start the day.

What did I do this morning…..I giggled and I cried a bit too because I can not honestly remember that last time that I woke up with so little pain, that I did not have to take any painkillers. There is hope for me, despite what all the specialists say.’

Michelle, Roleystone, Perth WA, March 2014


More Energy, Less Pain!

“For many, many months I have been running on empty & this was why!

I was exhibiting early stage of burn out for many of these months prior to commencing the “Livelong Vitality Pack and also I had the onset of Ceoliacs Disease.

I commenced my first dosage of the 3 capsule with “Livelong Vitality Pack” and immediately noticed the health benefits.

I was very pleasantly surprised with such a quick result from 1st dosage & after a few weeks my partner event noted that I was much calmer, my concentration has improved, and I had more energy.

There was a noticeable improvement in my Hyperlexia symptoms.  Hyperlexia is where you have having trouble communicating and is a mild language learning disability.

I have noticed many obvious changes over the month since, especially with improved  concentration and less pain (neck, shoulders & sciatica pain from car accident related trauma are not flaring up anymore). Also my energy levels are back to normal, I am jumping out of bed first thing in the mornings and am functioning normally again with a bounce in my step again, despite a very busy schedule! I feel that I have  BALANCE IN MY LIFE AGAIN!”

Julie Roach, Perth, Perth WA, January 2014


Chronic Pain Syndrome

“I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome in 2004.

I had a very bad viral infection which wasn’t treated properly. This led to Post Viral Fatigue, and then very bad pain. I went through lots of different tests and diagnoses, along with the associated medications, before being given the label of CPS.

My pain was constant and severe. It was particularly bad in my hands and feet, and I often had trouble walking and standing. I couldn’t work as I couldn’t type or hold a pen. I was also unable to say if I would be able to get out of bed the next day, let alone in a week. The amount of pain killers that I needed increased as my tolerance grew, but nothing stopped the pain. I was taking opiates to keep it under control.

In 2008 I stopped taking the medications as I wanted to have a baby, as well as being concerned about the effect all of the medications were having on my body. My regular liver function tests were getting worse.

I managed to conceive my son, and the pain lessened through the pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding. It started to return when he was weaned. I had to take the maximum dose of Panadol and Nurofen each day in order to cope. Our second son was born in 2011, and again I had reduced pain while pregnant and breastfeeding.

The pain came back much stronger this time, and I needed to find a new way of coping with it as my body could not process all of the toxins in the medications and I really did not want to take opiates with small children.

In April 2012 I was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils, and started taking Frankincense twice a day. This helped with the pain quite considerably.

In July I added the Long Life Vitality supplements and haven’t had to take any medications for pain since late October 2012.

Each day I take 4 drops of Frankincense (generally only once a day, although I will take it two times if I start to get sore, or am particularly active), the LLV, and Deep Blue rub or oil if needed.

I am delighted with the results, as are my body and doctors!”

Polly, Mirrabooka, Perth WA,
January 2013

Macular Degeneration

“In May this year, I was having symptoms of seeing bumps in my vision when looking at vertical lines. Had it for about three weeks and was diagnosed with the onset of Macular Degeneration by an Eye Specialist. The bumps were about the size of an apple.

 My daughter had experienced wonderful results with her health from using the oils, so I went to an Oil presentation with her in June and asked if there was anything I could do to help with the MD and was told to use CLOVEOIL.

I combined clove oil with olive oil and massaged it into both feet in the reflexology points for eyes and also took internally 3 drops in a vege cap once per day.

Within a week of doing this I noticed that the bumps were now smaller, and after another week noticed that they were smaller still.  After 3 weeks the bumps had completely gone and still are to this date (15.8.12). I have changed the name to Macular Regeneration, and continue to take the clove oil. I have also since done the cleanse and am taking the LLV products.”

Betty Mackie, Perth WA
August 2012


“I have been using doTERRA products for 8 months and have had wonderful results.  I have suffered with fibromyalgia for about 13 years, so it has been wonderful to find significant relief from some of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.  I am still on the path to recovery, and am so grateful for the healing I have experienced so far, and am really enjoying learning how to use the oils to better my health even further.

8 months ago I started on the Cleanse & Restore Pack + Terrazyme…. doing the 15 day GX Assist/PB Assist cleanse regime did wonders for my digestion.  Prior to using doTERRA I had suffered poor digestion for years, and the condition had worsened to the point where I was in constant pain 24/7 in my stomach and lower abdomen – for months on end.  I was very bloated and could not eat anything without paying for it (despite using high quality enzymes and HCL from my Naturopath).  Within 10 days on LLV, Terrazyme, Lemon Oil and GX Assist ALL of the pain was gone, the bloating subsided, and I was able to enjoy my food again!  What a blessing!  And 8 months later I am still enjoying wonderful digestion, how awesome!

The other amazing turn around which happened in the same time frame – within the first 2 weeks – was a MASSIVE improvement in my brain function.  I had been plagued with “brain fog” for 10 years, struggling to function on a day to day basis as a Mother and wife, feeling “out of it” so much of the time.  My brain always felt fatigued, and often just thinking would hurt.  At my worst I would have episodes where I felt like I was really losing the plot – like the time I could not remember how to spell my own son’s name, and the day I narrowly escaped a serious car accident because I suddenly could not remember which peddle was the brake and which was the accelerator, and continued to forget for the remainder of the (SCARY) 10 minute drive home.  I am happy to say that since using LLV, Terrazyme and lemon oil daily, and doing the GX Assist/PB Asssist on a regular basis (I have now completed 4 rounds of GX/PB Assist) my brain has felt clear and energised for the most part of the last 8 months (maybe 95% of the time).  Now having a “brain fog” day is a rare occurrence and only occurs under extreme conditions.  What a liberating feeling to have my brain back after so many years!

In my second and third months using doTERRA, I added to my regime (and still continue to take all of the following…) Zendocrine caps on a daily basis and Zendocrine Oil periodically (every 2-3 months I will take the oil again for a month or so) to help support my liver and other cleansing organs.  I also started taking 4-5 drops of Frankincense under my tongue twice a day and Slim & Sassy Oil (started on 3 drops 3 x a day, and slowly increased my dose to 5 drops 4 x a day).  And also started Phytoestrogen to help support my hormone levels.  My bowel began to move much more easily (I now go twice daily with ease which I never have done before), my energy levels increased, and I lost 6 kgs in about 6-7 weeks of starting the Slim & Sassy!  Was such a nice bonus to drop the weight which I had gained the previous year or two.  Using Slim & Sassy has also been wonderful for stabalising my blood sugars – I had struggled with hypoglycemia for 14 years, but now the struggle is over!  S & S enables me to glide comfortably from one meal to the next without those awful blood sugar dives and the horrible symptoms that go with it.  So good to feel stable. 

Although the chronic muscle pain/weakness has not resolved yet, there has been an overall decrease in frequency and level of pain.  I find using the Deep Blue roll-on, with the Deep Blue Rub layered over the top, to be very effective at reducing the severity of muscular symptoms when they arise.  (I discovered that I get a much better result using both the roll-on and rub together than I do just using one or the other).  I find it particularly effective to rub the oils in to the trigger points.  Many times – every time – the deep blue has also been very effective at releasing a spasm (in my neck/shoulders or lower back) – usually within a few hours or overnight – whereas in the past I would often end up in agony with a spasmed up neck or back for days.  I am expecting the muscular issues to continue to improve as I continue to take the above mentioned oils/supplements, do the GX/PB Assist cleanse on a regular basis (every month or two),  and as I learn to manage stress better using oils like balance, serenity, whisper etc.  I am also planning on having an Aroma Touch Technique on a weekly basis (beginning shortly) which I am sure will help speed the healing process along.

My journey thus far with doTERRA has been an exciting one, and I am so grateful to have been introduced to this amazing company and their wonderful products.  Needless to say I LOVE the doTERRA oils and wellness products for what they have done for me and also for my family.”

Belinda Castledine, Roleystone, Perth WA
November 2012

Childhood Eczema/Psoriasis

“Our daughter has psoriasis and we have been using,  lavender, frankincence and fractionated coconut oil as a massage oil on her skin each night.  Generally we use 3 to 4 drops of each oil to about 13 drops of coconut oil.  This would cover the arms and torso, then do the same for the back region then repeated for the legs.

We also add 2 drops of Mellaluca oil in with her shampoo which clears up any scalp psoriasis within a few days.

She has also been on wheat (gluten), sugar and dairy free diet, though she has been eating lactose free yogurt to have with her doterra supplements plus 2 pieces of fruit per day.

Her skin is looking great!”

Sara, Perth
October 2012 

For further details on the childhood eczema protocol click here or visit

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

‘I first began suffering from IBS after picking up a gut parasite in 1997 which was then treated with 6 months of strong antibiotics.  After this my digestive system became very sensitive and the consequences of eating certain foods or from stress was not pleasant.

‘Over the years I have seen a variety of specialists and had a number of ‘oscopies’. I even ended in hospital for three days while travelling in South America (where I was told that I would never be able to eat pizza or drink beer ever again!). I was eventually diagnosed with IBS as the doctors didn’t know what was wrong. 

‘After watching a presentation by Laura Jacobs on candida last year in the USA I decided to follow some of the cleanse protocols and I am very pleased to say that I’m now IBS free. It took a few cleanses and a variety of oils for stress management, but my digestive system is now back to normal and my intolerances have disappeared. ‘

Tanya, Perth September 2013


We found that your presentation was interesting, relevant and informative – simple enough for beginners and informative enough for those with some background knowledge of essential oils.  We thought that you spoke really well, were very natural and authentic and your background in science makes you credible too.  So all in all, congratulations to you.

Saani Bennets,
Perth, September 2012
Ellenbrook Library Presentation


 “Dear Tanya and the team at GreenLifeOrganics,

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your company is! Not only do you have a wide range of products and services under the same ‘roof’, your customer service is something to be proud of! I really appreciated the way that you dealt with my myriad of questions, ensuring that I fully understood how to use the products I bought.

I love your blog as well – I tried making the chocolate balls, and they tasted so good that my two year old demands them for his special treats! What a wonderful way to spoil him without adding sugar. He is also very proud to help me ‘cook’ them; adding the ingredients, whizzing them together and rolling them make for a great quick activity.

Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to many years of advice and green living!

Warm thanks,”

Polly, Mirrabooka

Hi Tanya!

“I just wanted to thank you SO much for my gorgeous bag of GLO goodies. Today alone I have used the beautiful natural Bush Scents soap, I have my divine candle burning scenting the home with natural, safe perfume instead of toxic air fresheners and I have used your natural lip balms on both myself and the kids. My four year old raves about your hand wash as he says it smells “so lovely” and he’s right!

The thing I love most about your products is that I can use them safely on my boys, knowing that there is nothing harmful or nasty in them. It keeps their skin and lips, especially in the drying winters, so nice and smooth and the minute I see red lips appearing I smother them with it and they’re all gone!

I also want to thank you for the passion & enthusiasm with which you carry out your “job”, always looking to help people and just generally going out of your way to gather as much good karma as you can in this life!”

 Tracey, Ellenbrook