Our range of natural hand and body wash are free from SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE and PARABEN. Available in handy 250ml plastic pump bottle or even better value for money 1 litre flip top bottle. Pumps available for only $1.50. Our liquid hand and body washes come in three fragarences:

Lavender: contains lavender essential oil
Rose and vanilla: contains rose and vanilla fragrant oils
Bush scents: contains lemon myrtle, peppermint, W.A. tree trea, lemon scented eucalyptus gum essential oils


Hand & Body Wash 250ml


Ingredients: Purified water, Cocoa Glucoside(emulisifier) (vegetable based) Decyl Glucoside (surfactant) (vegetable based) Glyceryl Oleate (emulsifier) (natural soap base) pentaerythityl tetra Stearate (thickening agent) (natural soap base) Cap betaine (surfactant) (coconut oil based) Amphoaccetate (surfactant) (vegetable based) trcopheryl Acetate (skin conditioner) (vitamin E) Preservative.

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Bath Fizz Bombs

Theraputic bath fizz bombs with pure essentail / frangrant oils and botanicals. Contains bi-carbonate soda,citric acid, essential oils.

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