Raw Organic Cacao Powder (452g)

A rich and creamy cocao powderwith 25% more butter left in the powder than others which means you use less as well because it is much more flavoursome. Cacao is super-high in antioxidants, magnesium, fibre, bliss neurochemicals and a whole host of other vitamins & minerals!

Can be used in smoothies, warmed chocolate drinks with nut milks, raw brownies, deserts and much more!

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 Raw Organic Cacao Butter (250g or 500g)

This cacao butter is DIVINE! It is cold-pressed from the prized criollo cacao beans (the highest quality bean variety – only 5% of the world’s production) which have a richer, more delicate and more extended flavour than other varieties. Our cacao butter is also fair-trade, and sustainably sourced from Peru.

Cacao butter is pure bliss! Use it to make the ULTIMATE raw chocolate, in other raw deserts or as a sensual and sexy skin moisturiser.


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Dark Agave Syrup, Raw Organic (600ml or 1420ml)


Agave syrup is a delicious low glycaemic inulin sweetener (11 on the GI scale as opposed to 66 for cane sugar) .  This raw Agave is wild-crafted, certified organic and organically processed at a low temperature. It tastes similar to maple syrup and can be used as a sugar replacement in any recipe – use 25% less than you would sugar.  It is particularly great in raw chocolate! 


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Raw Chocolate Starter Kit

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