Six months ago, I would have rushed to the Panadol at the first sign of one of my children getting sick.   Now that I have a better understanding of the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals (including Panadol), I was very happy to discover a natural, alternative that is just as effective, safer and often significantly cheaper than synthetic drugs.

Just under six months ago I discovered the benefits of certified, therapeutic grade essential oils (CTPG).   Before this, I’d occasionally used Lavender to help me sleep, or put a few drops in the bath for relaxation, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) for pimples, but I had no idea that these natural plant extracts could actually replace synthetic drugs, as well as significantly reduce trips to the doctors and save money!

So, now when my kids have a temperature, or a tummy ache, I reach for the Peppermint Oil.  When they graze their knees, I use Clove Oil.  When they get bitten by a mosquito, I use Melaleuca and Lavender.  When I get stressed, simply from being a Mum with two small children (and running a home based business), I inhale, apply (and sometimes swallow!) Lavender, Ylang Ylang or Frankincense.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I no longer yell at my kids (quite so loudly).  We haven’t been to the doctors in months.  I feel calmer, and most importantly I feel empowered that I am now taking control of my families health care.

I arrived in Australia 3.5 years ago, with my husband and 3 year old son. I was 7 months pregnant and I had the flu.  The next 12 months was spent sleep deprived, sick (colds, flu, gastro), and no family support.  Thankfully I have a supportive neighbour who helped keep me sane!

My son was prescribed antibiotics three times in the first 6 months for mosquito bite infections.  If only I had known then what I know now. ….

It’s not really surprising that I decided to leave behind my career of 15 years in environmental consultancy as a hydrogeologist and head towards a business in natural health.  I was so FED UP of being sick!

So, back to Essential Oils…..

It seems that I am far from alone in my plight of seeking natural alternative medicines and a preservative free diet. In my journey since starting GreenLifeOrganics nearly two years ago, I have tried many different natural products, but due to popular demand, I am now giving regular classes on essential oils, in particular the Medicine Cabinet Makeover class.

The oils that I now use and recommend are doTERRA as currently they are the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils.  And the results so far have been truly amazing.

The oils classes include information on natural alternatives to pain medication, burn cream, sleep aids, decongestants, mouthwash, stomach ache, heart burn, fungal medications, cold and flu medications, toothpaste, deodorant, ear infections and much more!  They even cover cleaning and chemical free skin care. And you can even use some of the oils for cooking!

If you would like to find out more, then there are some classes over the next few weeks in Perth that will be presented by healthcare practitioners with a keen interest in natural health and preventative medicine.  Details of events are included on our ‘Whats on in Perth’ Page.

Alternatively, if you would like to book a Medicine Cabinet Makeover oils class then please click here for further information.

If you have any stories on how essential oils have helped you then we would love to hear from you!!