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Additive Free Kids and the Dingle Deal

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Dr Peter Dingle speak for the first time at the Additive Free Kids event – and what a brilliant evening!  I picked up a copy of his […]

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Chemical Free Kitchen #1

If you regularly use modern cosmetics, bodycare products, cleaning products and detergents then you are regularly exposing yourself to a multitude of harmful chemicals. On average we each use nine different products, with over 100 […]

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The Raw Chocolate Revolution!

For those who thought green chocolate meant a mint Aero or that they were destined for a life-long love/hate relationship with ‘junk’ food, get ready for a revolution: guilt free, incredibly healthy raw chocolate!

I have recently […]

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Live Healthy Be Happy!

A few weeks ago I went to see Tyler Tolman speak about Self Care and ‘Live Healthy and Be Happy’.  It was jam packed with tips on how to lead a healthier and happier life […]

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Healthy Living and Sustainability Events in Perth (April/May 2011)

Hi Everyone!  There is so much happening over the next month in Perth that I’ve decided to write a blog.  Sorry to those of you living outside of Perth, but please feel free to post links […]

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Sustainability and Living Smart

Just wanted to let you all know about a fantastic (and FREE) sustainability course that I’ve just started going to in Perth run by Living Smart.  The Living Smart program is a joint initiative between […]

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Healthy Lunches for Children and Adults

I am feeling healthy!  Just as well, as becoming healthier was one of the reasons why I started GreenLifeOrganics!  I still have a long way to go, but it’s such an interesting journey, and I […]

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Miessence Special Offer Feb 2011

Just wanted to let you know about this fantastic special offer with Miessence this month to celebrate their 8th birthday! Its a great opportunity to help make a significant difference in the world by purchasing pure, certified organic products […]

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Natural Organic Sunscreen for Babies and Kids

Following on from Decembers blog ‘what’s in your sunscreen?’, this month we are featuring some natural, organic sunscreens that are suitable for babies and children. 

There isn’t a huge range of choice when it comes to […]

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How Safe is Your Toothpaste?

I’m on a mission to become healthier.  I thought I was doing quite well until a friend recently pointed out that there were some potentially very harmful ingredients in toothpaste.  I began researching, and immediately […]

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What’s in Your Sunscreen?!

Skin cancer rates are soaring in Australia with a rise of 7% in women and 19% in men between 1993 – 2003 (1) and an expected rise of another 11% percent by 2011 (2).  Some […]

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I have recently had a life changing experience. Actually I’ve had a few in the last month or so, but there’s one in particular that I want to talk about. Last month I attended a […]

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